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Mobowl® has been a labor of love for us, we know it’s a fantastic product because folks are always sharing stories and pictures of their pets with the Mobowl. Please don’t take our word for it; hear it straight from our happy customers!


Daisy has been going on lots of walks during the quarantine.  I just wanted to let you know how much she enjoys her Mobowl.

Susan W.

We LOVE the Mobowl.  It’s so great to have!! ☺️  Thank you so much!!

Jana and Roux

Hi everyone, this is Rio from Ohio!  He loves his Mobowl and he takes it with him wherever he goes!

Barb W.

Mobowl was a big success on our trip to see our daughter.  Thank you for a wonderful product!

Dave S.

We are hiking in Hocking Hills again today and yet again are so grateful for our Mobowl!!! Rocco is a great hiking dog and this makes keeping him hydrated so easy!! The best part is, I don’t forget it because it is always attached to the leach! Thank you Mobowl!!

Amy S.

I’ve had this Mobowl for months and it’s great!  Fits into its own 3.5” x 3.5” pouch.  I’ll definitely use it on our long walks instead of the collapsible bowl, which is very shallow and hard to fit in my pocket.


We are thru hiking the Appalachian Trail and just stopped in a pet shop in Manchester Center, VT that carried Mobowls. We bought one for our pup who is hiking with us and hiked out of town. Our biggest regret is that we should have bought two! These bowls are so light, easy to clean and just all around perfect for trail.  Milo’s Mobowls are our favorite piece of gear. They are easy to stuff in a water bottle pocket and take out without even taking our packs off.  Thank you!!

M.E. & Milo

Willow does not leave home without her mobowl. Whether it is to go on a walk, for a ride in the jeep, or on the boat, she always has her trusty mobowl! We love this bowl! It holds water in the bowl even when it’s choppy in the harbor. What an awesome product! Thank you, Mobowlusa.

Melissa T.

We absolutely love Mobowl. We include it in the gift bags for kittens that are being adopted.  We give them to the kitty’s parents because most like to go outside, hiking and such with Bengal babies. 

Ashley G.

Hyker loves her Mobowl. She keeps it in her backpack.

Janice C.

I’ve used it and love it!  I keep 1 in the car and 1 in my office.

Angela R.

My cats love this product.  I leave it outside for them while on the porch and take it in the car when we go on road trips!

Maggie I.

Greetings from Chile, we love your products they are amazing.

Valentino the Beagle

Dingo and Mokoi love their Mobowl! It’s become quite the bonding tool.  A pack that drinks together, thrives together!  We have 2.  One for car, one for the pack.

Adam S.

My dog is picky about drinking water on the trails…Rigby loves this Mobowl and now will drink from it on trails…Success! Thanks!

Barry B.

Marni really likes her Mobowl.  She couldn’t wait to go outside with Mobowl, she had to test it out inside first.